LYNX is a really great site to get music. The selection of albums is vast, it’s cheap as fuck, and it’s actually legal. You should probably buzz around the search engine on the site to see if they have what you’re looking for but, if they do, you can get a lot of stuff for under $2. It used to be only $1 for full albums so I’d hit this up while it’s still cheap.

Open Road Media -A production company dedicated to
the notion of kicking ass. Commonly
regarded as the “Champagne of
production companies”.  View
everything from documentaries to

THREADLESS.COM–  Submit custom graphic design work
for a chance to have them printed
and to recieve thousands of dollars
in cash and prizes, or just vote on
or buy some.– Lars is my homie from the way back and
he rocks.  Plus he slangs rocks………….
(it’s a geology site).  There is a
great source of information for rock
hounding, including sites and much more

Universal Life Church– Be like Rev. Genius Christ and
become a legit ordained minister
in just minutes!– A white thug from Kentucky
who rocks the the piano like the
keys are Columbian.


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