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Grand Prize
Slide guitar – Derek Trucks. Will capture a multitude of world flavors and be able to take on just about anything. The spirit of Duane. Lead guitar – Marc Ribot. Talk about some nasty jazz leads. Imagine him and Trucks exchanging lead lines over some Coltrane. Keys – John Medeski. I know this is a Benevento themed contest, but Medeski is still king. And his past collaboration with Ribot makes it a plus. Bass – Flea. The man is just so intense. I love when he plays on jazz tracks too (see: collaboration with the next musician) Sax – Joshua Redman. If you can play The Crunge as a jazz piece, you can be in any supergroup of mine. Drums – Eric Harland. The man’s nickname is Hercules. He’s not human.Runners Up (2 winners)This band would play using solar panels and after each show would rub magnets all over their bodies………….. …………………………………………………………………………. Win a Marco Benevento & Rope-A-Dope Prize Pack! rope-a-dope-contest.jpg In August we did an interview with the amazing organist Marco Benevento and at that time he gave us an autographed copy of his lates 3-Disc release Live At Tonic that features collaborations with such musicians as Mike Gordon (Phish), Reed Mathis (JFJO), Dave “Mean Ween” Dreiwitz, and Brad Barr (the Slip).  We want to give that copy away to someone, but that isn’t all. The remarkably innovative label Rope-A-Dope records has sent more additions to this prize pack and they do not merely relate to the release of Live At Tonic. In 2001 Rope-A-Dope began a series of “experiments“, if you will, musically which centered around specific cities.  The first one, titled “The Philadelphia Experiment“, took 3 musicians in Philadelphia with different musical backgrounds put them in a studio together for 3 days and grouped them with a producer to see what would come of it.  The album was comprised of Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson (The Roots), jazz bassist Christian McBride, and classical keyboardist Uri Caine.  The results were as great as could have ever been hoped for and led to “the Detroit Experiment” in 2003 which involved the likes of the legendary Bennie Maupin and acclaimed producer Carl Craig. The newest in the series “The Harlem Experiment”, scheduled for release at the end of the month, features such key members as Steven Bernstein (Sex Mob) and Taj Majal, but we have a copy of it right now that you could get your hands on.  To Enter: Step 1:(optional but increses your chances) Digg our Marco Benevento interview on  You can either link from our site here on the the article itself or by clicking here.  (if you don’t have a Digg account, they are absolutely free and take only moments to sign up for.  They don’t ask any personal info and they don’t spam your in-box w/bullshit) Step 2:(Mandatory) List a collaboration that YOU yourself would like to see between musicians.  You could build your own band with members live or dead.  Fuck it, it can be any sort of collaboration, but try to make it interesting. Grand Prize (1 winner) *Autographed Marco Benevento Live At Tonic 3 disc CD *Full-Length Harlem Experiment Advanced CD *Rope-A-Dope records digital download cards     (download MP3s from Rope-A-Dope,                   enough for you and your homies) *Live At Tonic Postcard *Rope-A-Dope records stickers *Harlem Experiment Press Release 1st & 2nd place (2 winners) * 9 song Live At Tonic advanced sampler *Rope-A-Dope sticker *Digital Download cards -entries must be posted in comment section below -enter as many times as you would like -valid email necessary to contact winners -please use your Digg user name in post to verify ************Contest ends on Oct. 28th****************




Bass: Dave Schools (WSP)
Keyboard: Bernie WOrell (TH)
Drums: Some crackhead who plays the buckets in Chicago
Guitar: Fuck guitarist, bury your guitar under 3 feet of ash
Vocals: Lady BUg Mecca from Digable Planets Synth: Prefuse 73


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