Mister Lonely
Mister Lonely

The latest film from director Harmony Korine.  The same writer/director who created such films as Kids, Gummo, and Julien Donkey Boy.



Find out what liberties Hollywood has or has not chosen to take and in which ways they did or did not fuck up the screen adaptation to one of your favorite Chuck Palahniuk novels.


Everyone knows that Asian’s the new black but it looks like rehab is the new prada.  2  stories/interview prospects have recently come across my desk, both of which deal with drug rehabilitation centers.

The first involves the story of a former patient who was in an Atlanta facility with Bobby Brown.

The second story deals with someone who entered treatment for a heroin dependency and wound up being placed in a scientology facility which was never advertised as such.

Peep Game fools and stay tuned.

Also COMING SOON…. Message Board and all sorts of other different cracky ass reformations.


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