College/Disaster Movie: PETITION

BY OVERWHELMING DEMAND: Petition now includes “Disaster Movie

About 2 weeks ago I was at a friends house when a trailor for the new film “COLLEGE” came on the television.  One of the people in the room, Lee, turned to me and said something to the effect of, “You seem like a guy who can get things taken care of.”  To which I replied, “Really?  I was hoping that I came off that way.”  He told me that I had to find a solution to preventing the movie College from ever being released because it looked so horrible and because, “Movies shouldn’t be named what they are about”.  I think I understood what he was getting at, sort of.

My head and gut were full of Pabst Blue Ribbon and, although the idea was interesting, I didn’t give it too much thought right then.  Over the last two weeks, however, I’ve seen the trailer again quite a few times.  At first I would wonder, “What the Fuck is this?!  This shit looks horrible!” but then I’d realize that it was the film that Lee was referring to and that he was absolutely right.  I’m no Jason Mewes or Kevin Smith and I don’t expect to actually have the viewing of a movie with millions of dollars behind it like this prevented, but every time I just see one of these trailers it makes me feel like my soul is being a little raped by demons on Blackberrys with Kanye West glasses and Budweiser T-Shirts.  By overwhelming demand I have decided to include “Disaster” Movie in this “Petition” because it is equally as horrible and deciding which one is worse is like picking between “Hootie and the Blowfish” and “Collective Soul” for the worst band of the 90s title.

I don’t expect to get it stopped, that doesn’t mean that we can’t just start a petition right here and make a point that this movie is insulting.  I don’t mean that it’s insulting in the way that the people who are protesting “Tropic Thunder” are insulted, I just mean that it is offensive to those who appreciate general quality and the art of cinema.  I already know that people spend money and time both creating and watching substance-free shit like “College” and “Disaster Movie” because they keep producing it but, now that I’ve accepted this reality, I’m beginning to wonder if people still hate shit like this as well.  I’d just like a piece of evidence that shows how many people cringe at these advertisements.  If they put the money that they waste on these films every year into research, we could all be riding hoverboards AIDS free by now

By posting below in the comment section we can make a point (plus it’s kind of an amusing one)
1.  Please leave your name
2. City and/or Zip (no full addresses please)
3. Which film (or both)
4.  A comment if so you choose
5. Please only post once so we can keep track

If you don’t want to do that, but want to add your opinion of dislike, please do so.
This might be the first petition that aims to accomplish nothing more than to state the collective dislike of something. (I know that technically that might not making a petition, but please sign anyway.)

Here’s a trailor of derivative crap please take it all in.


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