’bout it

I feel that the majority of  sites are too one-dimensional.  I have been working my way into VIP situations for years and have become acquainted with numerous talented individuals with varying skills.  I hope to build this site up like the muthafuckin’ Super Friends and drop a gang load of shit on here from all directions like a ninja assault.

 Over time there will be reviews, comic strips, music, celebrity interviews, etc.   Thanks for checking out MonsterFresh.com your feedback is appreciated.

 Word to the Absurd,
                           -Dead C


(This Page is swarming with LINKS)

This site has web2.o technology which affords visitors the ability to exponentialy gather more information from a simple article than in the past and without ever even leaving the article itself.  If you see a link, simply place the cursor over it and a small window will pop up for a link, picture, and/or information. This will allow us to consolidate information into one place for the reader and will, hopefully, help you to discover new and facinating things that you may otherwise not have known about.


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